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Giacometti on the Rim

The lone cloud, burned ponderosa trunk.

The lone cloud, burned ponderosa trunk.

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Here’s a bonus posting, a two-for-one today. (See below for the previous post). Sunday morning we went out to Point Imperial to see the view and hike the short trail. As grand and sweeping the views were from the point, the hike led us through some eerie and surreal landscape. The trail passes through areas burned by the 2000 Outlet Fire and we saw charcoal black ponderosa trunks still soaring to the sky. Fire or erosion carved out sections of the branchless stalks leaving objects that looked like modern art. One in particular looked like a Giacometti sculpture. A lone cloud hovered in the distance, a fluffy white contrast to the stark remains. We came across a dead ponderosa stripped of its bumpy outer bark, the leafless branches reaching out. The hard late morning sun beat down on it. Ann said it was one of the strangest things she had seen. It looked as if lit by stage lighting.

We were on the trail for quite a while and saw no one else. It seemed too bad since lots of visitors go to the point and this hike was very flat and good for families. On the way back we finally passed some people, it turns out it was a couple from San Diego that attended my last artist talk.

We conducted a poll (consisting of Ann and me) and decided three of these looked best in black and white, two look best in color.

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