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GO Moon, GO!

The ‘diamond ring’ effect, just before totality.

I found a nicer ‘diamond ring’ effect photo I’ll post here. It’s when the moon is just about to cover the face of the sun and the bright light shines on one spot of the disk. This one is more dramatic than the previous photo. Some random observations from eclipse day and after: Rich Krueger, the Flagstaff teacher leading chants of “Go moon, Go!! Eat that sun!!!” as the eclipse was in its early stages. A headline in the Argus Observer, the newspaper for southeast Oregon and southwest Idaho: “Man describes viewing eclipse as ‘caveman like’.” Hard to make any of this up. About five minutes before totality the light was a very eerie orange and dim, unlike any I’ve seen. I took a photo of Steve Kaltenhauser of Calgary, Canada, and the rest of the crowd in the stadium under this odd light.

Ann and I are on a three-day road trip to Colorado and have seen lots of interesting sights from Oregon, Idaho and now Wyoming. Lots of the country that we haven’t seen before and great landscapes. We’ll post more updates.

Rich Krueger watches the partial phase.

Steve Kaltenhauser of Calgary, Canada in the eerie orange light five minutes before totality.

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