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E minus 2 days

UFO cloud on western horizon in Madras.

We’re at two days and counting to totality.

We’ve moved from our comfortable hotel to camping on a baseball field at Madras High School. It’s not too bad. We’re on grass fields, away from the throngs of campers on big dusty fields around the town. Since we are with a Flagstaff group helping Lowell Observatory with the eclipse event, they let us pitch a tent. Last evening after setting up the tents, we saw an amazing display of clouds at sunset, including one shaped like a UFO.

I went out today with Aubrey, the NASA photographer who is here, to find interesting pictures around the town. At the local Safeway, we stocked up on ice and food. We found a giant stack of Ecliptic Brewing Co. beer (Official Eclipse Beer?) and saw that Lay’s wants you to “Enjoy the Moment: BRING LAY’S WITH YOU TO WATCH THE ECLIPSE ON AUGUST 21.” (Official Potato Chip?)

We noticed an increase in traffic as people head into the area. Predictions say 100,000 people will invade Central Oregon by Monday.

Official beer of the eclipse.

Official potato chip of the eclipse.

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