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Big Prints!

All the printing is finally done for the Maui exhibit! I inspected and signed the giant prints produced by Laumont Studio in Long Island City, Queens, on Tuesday.

They really look great in person, although it’s hard to get across the scale in these blog photos. A big thanks to Kristen in the UV/Pigment department, who guided me through this project and all the various proposals since 2019. Three panorama images taken at Haleakala National Park were printed on a fine weave linen, 95 inches wide (almost 8 feet). These are the biggest prints in the exhibit, by far the largest I’ve done from any image. Painters use this linen as a canvas to show really fine detail. After the surface is finished with gesso, Laumont can print an image on the white surface. The pliable linen allows the lab to roll up the finished prints around a large tube and suspend that in a large box for shipping. The Schaefer Gallery in Maui will attach the big linen prints directly to the walls. I can’t wait to see them displayed!

(Thanks to my former AFP boss Don Emmert for taking the photos; he joined me at the lab with his daughter Samantha).

Looking at the prints with Kristen, I'm on a stool and not levitating.
Viewing two prints with Kristen, standing on a stool.
Signing a print.
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