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Arrived Oslo

Monday, March 16

I flew Icelandair to Oslo via Reykjavik. Very nice service with witty or maybe ironic text on the food containers. On the eco-friendly hot dinner box it said “‘Kvika’ is the word for molten lava floating beneath the earth’s surface”, then “more interesting geothermal facts inside the box.” The hot beverage cup said “‘Strokur’, is a column of steam rising from a natural hot spring”. And the oatmeal cup on the Oslo leg said, “‘Hver’, is a natural hot spring of bubbling water.”

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Den Norske Opera & Ballett

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

Took the commuter train from the airport hotel to central Oslo and walked to the Opera House, as my big sister suggested. The roof rises diagonally from the street to create an airborne plaza that people walk up. Approaching the roof I saw this scene that reminded me of the Guggenheim Museum’s circular structures, with lighting, all under glass. It was dusk and overcast so it made for an eerie sight.  

Monica Bonvicini’s sculpture She Lies in Oslo's inner harbor

Monica Bonvicini’s sculpture She Lies in Oslo’s inner harbor

From the top of the Opera House’s roof you get a great view of the harbor. This sculpture is in the water, which is described as a glass house, but really from some angles looks like a ship.

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